July 21, 2021

Workplace Waste and You!

Office waste can be expensive to manage, especially when you take into consideration the amount of waste that is produced from a single day of work. Printing, food packaging, broken equipment, and more…there’s just so much waste coming out of a place of business in a single day! So how can you manage your waste output better and maintain a cost-effective waste management strategy in your office?

Paper, Ink, and Recycling…Oh My!

How many sheets of paper are used daily in your office? Probably too much to count! Improving paper usage is something every business can achieve simply by utilizing the wonders of modern technology!


By adopting services such as Google Docs, One Drive, Drop Box, and more, your colleagues can collaborate and share documents without having to waste paper and ink. If you absolutely need documents to be printed and passed around, adopt black-and-white printing methods to ensure ink is used sparingly. Investing in a laser printer could also help save on ink expenses if you need to print multiple times a day!


Another good practice is to ensure recycling bins are always within easy access in the office. Setting them up in common areas, next to printers, or even in individual offices will ensure a culture of recycling will be maintained in the workplace.

Stay Food Savvy

Food waste can be a major contributor to office waste output. Packing a lunch in reusable containers can mitigate the use of paper plates, clamshells, bags, and more. A reusable water bottle/mug can also ensure cans, cups, and bottles are less likely to be produced. As a company, providing your employees with reusable bottles during their employment can save you money and earn you a net positive in waste output as well!

Supply Strategies

It would be a good habit to buy your office supplies in bulk to save on waste. Supplies like pens and pencils should be bought in bulk to save on packaging. Considering that such supplies are in constant demand in the office, it’s not wonder that you can save on excess waste by buying bulk. 


If you notice obsolete equipment and supplies are sitting in the corner somewhere collecting dust, be sure to stay on top of things and get them recycled. The sooner you recycle older equipment, the more space you’ll have for the latest and greatest technological improvements.


Lastly, reusing and extending the lifespan of your office supplies can reduce your waste output. Making sure pens last longer by keeping them in cool, dry locations or using paper clips instead of staples can go a long way. Even buying spring loaded pens can prevent unnecessary waste by ensuring lost caps are a thing of the past.

That’s all!

It may seem like a long list of things to do, but once your business adopts these new strategies and takes the time to implement them, you will be incredibly thankful for it. Reducing your waste output means your waste management expenses will follow suit. On top of that, your business will also have a positive impact on the environment. With a situation where you can’t possibly lose, it’s all a matter of how willing you are to putting in the effort to make these changes in the workplace.


What are you waiting for? Start saving today!

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So how can you manage your waste output better and maintain a cost-effective waste management strategy in your office?
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