Payment Processing

Make it easy for your customers by letting them pay the way they prefer.

Whether it be a major credit card, with a smartphone, or with modern peer-to-peer payments such as WeChat Pay, we can support the needs of the most demanding businesses. Watchdog can reverse engineer your current rates with 2-3 statements and tell you where you are paying too much. We monitor your statements continually to make sure you are not getting repriced by your provider. If we see your rates are rising, we call the provider and intervene on your behalf.

Enterprise Payment Services

We can cater to the needs of the most demanding enterprise customers. Whether it be integration to your existing ERP or CRM solution, recurring payments, or enhanced data processing (EDP), we can help you accomplish your goals while ensuring you are compliant with PCI-DSS and GDPR requirements.

Service with a smile

Got a problem? You call us, not the card processor. We can get things fixed faster. As industry experts, we know the systems and we know the language to get results fast.

Expense Management Services made simple!

We offer a free no-cost assessment of your services. How many times have you called your telecom, merchant services or other service providers and walked away more confused than when you started?  With our ongoing billing and expense management support, our clients have more time and money to focus on the things that matter.

What clients say
"Our business saved over $127,000 allowing us to hire two new sales reps. Not only did Watchdog Management saved us money, we were able to increase sales last year by 30%"
Jim Humphries, CEO
Modern Plate & Label
"Watchdog Management Services saved us over $110,000 in waste management and communication services. Watchdog was highly beneficial to our business cost optimization plan during Covid!"
Crosby Cook, CEO
CG Engineering Ltd.
"Watchdog Management Services saved us over $190,000 in communication and utility services across our 12 locations. Highly recommend for any size business in Canada!!"
Josh Collins, VP
House of Cars

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