May 9, 2024

Medical Uniforms: Should You Pass the Bill To Your Employees?

Purchasing uniforms for a medical practice relies on a number of factors. Before you make a decision on whether it’s more cost effective to buy o pass the bill onto your employees, you should look into the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The Benefits of Passing the Bill:

By having employees purchase their own uniforms, your practice will be saving on costs by not having to pay for recurring laundering, replacements, or damage fees. Your employees will have full control and responsibility for their uniforms and your practice can avoid the initial purchase price. Some practices with limited budgets opt for this option because of the cost savings it provides. You may even encourage your employees to purchase their own uniforms by reimbursing them later or provide them with a provider who can give them a discounted rate.


The Disadvantages of Passing the Bill:

While it can be a cost effective measure to pass the bill onto your employees, there are a number of disadvantages that may outweigh the cost benefits. By letting your employees purchase their own uniforms, you may run into issues with consistent standards of professionalism. It is also unlikely that all of your employees will be purchasing the same level of quality, making it complicated to ensure safety standards are up to par as well. Some cheaper uniforms, for example, may not have the same level of fluid resistance.

Your employee motivation may be negatively affected if they are buying their own uniforms and the control you may have on cleanliness can be incredibly difficult to maintain. Depending on the line of work your employees do, bacteria and infections can spread throughout unclean uniforms.


Consider Employee Needs:

Some employees at medical practices may prefer to purchase their own scrubs because it gives them control over fit, colour, material, and style. Employees at other industries may have sensory preferences such as fabric, necklines, and more. Depending on the size of your staff and the nature of your business, you may want to consider allowing your employees to purchase their own uniforms.


Before making the decision on whether you should purchase or pass the bill onto your employees, consider your line of work, the size of your staff, professional requirements and many other variables. If you decide to purchase your employee uniforms, you can always reach out to a third party such as Watchdog Management Services to provide an audit to ensure you are paying fair market prices, laundering services, and delivery.

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