December 5, 2023

Is The Future of Shipping Box-Less?

Large vendors like Amazon have starting to move away from using cardboard boxes for order fulfillment. These classic brown boxes are so ingrained with package shipping that the image of a front door step with a cardboard box has become synonymous with deliveries in general. So what will the future of shipping be like when everyone shifts towards box-less alternatives?

Cardboard boxes used to ship products.

A box-less future is coming to the shipping industry


Benefits of Box-Less Shipping

Box-less shipping can offer many benefits for businesses who use order fulfillment as their primary operation.

  1. Without boxes, delivery trucks can store more items and make deliveries more efficient. No bulky boxes means smaller package slips and pockets can be used to maximize space.
  2. Shipping waste is dramatically reduced when box-less alternatives are used.
  3. Cardboard boxes are often more expensive than shipping slips and shipping packs. This cost is often transferred to the customer. Reducing expenses means happier customers!
  4. Bulky cardboard boxes require more materials and labour costs to maintain. Using box-less shipping means you can also save on these expenses.


Box-Less Shipping Challenges

While box-less shipping does offer many benefits, there are some difficulties that you should consider before making the transition.

  1. Third-party companies will have to opt-in for box-less shipping. Not everyone will be on board.
  2. Some items simply cannot be shipped without boxes and the alternatives are complicated to procure.
  3. Some items may be difficult to place shipping labels on due to dimensions and materials.
  4. Privacy is a major concern with box-less shipping. As some companies will use “ship in own container” options, this usually means the product will be shipped with its content completely visible.


What Kind of Alternatives Are There?

There have been many different box-less options available for business to take advantage of. Small plastic pockets, package slips, and even “ship in own container” options. If you simply can’t use any box-less alternatives, you can save on environmental costs by using eco-friendly packages that are 100% recyclable and use Styrofoam-free packaging.


Box-less shipping is looking like the future of shipping. It will be a long transition before companies start to jump on the trend. If your business is looking for box-less alternatives, be sure to ask your providers what options they may have for you. You can even get in touch with Watchdog Management Services for assistance so that we can find savings in your shipping options where you may not have seen before!

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