May 2, 2023

Choosing The Right Shredding Service

Many businesses produce large amounts of paper waste from confidential materials to everyday usage. With such a large volume of paper waste, it is common to use a professional shredding service to help better manage the volume of paper materials your business may produce. In fact, professional paper shredding services can also better guarantee that confidential or sensitive information can be effectively destroyed, keeping your reputation and company security in-tact.

But how does a business choose the right shredding service? There are many things to consider such as pricing structure and level of service.

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Paper shredding companies can save you time and money!

Why Use a Shredding Service?

A third-party professional shredding service can offer your business improved efficiency and cost-saving measures to better maintain company security, privacy, and reputation. Using a professional shredding service will also guarantee your company will adhere to privacy laws and regulations, saving you the headache of having to keep track of such matters during your everyday operations. It will also help improve productivity by outsourcing low priority work and freeing up your staff for larger projects.


What Does a Good Shredding Service Offer?

  1. Certification

A good shredding service will provide a certification of destruction with every shredding job that has been completed. Receiving this certification is a guarantee that your documents have been securely and safely destroyed. Your business can also use this certification as proof that you have adhered to privacy laws and regulations, demonstrating your commitment to your clients security.

  1. On-Site Shredding

By offering on-site shredding, a professional shredding company can come to your place of business with a secure shredding truck to destroy your documents efficiently and cost effectively. By choosing an on-site shredding service, you gain an added layer of security by not having to worry about losing documents during transit since everything will be destroyed without leaving your premises.

  1. Flexibility

The best professional shredding companies are flexible in their scheduling. Finding a company that can fit into your organization’s needs is highly important as you are the one who needs the service to be done at a moment’s notice. When choosing the right paper shredding company, be sure to find one that can work with your organizations schedule instead of the other way around.

  1. Security

It goes without saying that shredding confidential documents must be a safe and secure procedure. Be sure to have your professional shredding service show you the type of containers they will use to store your documents before shredding begins. The more secure the procedure, the more reliable their service will be. The last thing you want for your business is for an incompetent third-party company to lose any important documents before they are to be destroyed.


Paper Shredding is Environmentally Friendly

After your chosen professional shredding company has finished destroying your documents, it is common practice to have the waste sent to be recycled at a separate facility. At this point, your confidential documents will be turned into pulp and repurposed into new paper products. Since recycling is a common procedure among shredding companies, you will be improving your company’s environmental impact as well.


As a business, you will regularly shred documents in large volumes, even if you don’t deal with confidential materials. Choosing the correct professional shredding company is a time efficient and cost-effective method that is guaranteed to improve your productivity. Remember to choose the right vendor that will fit all your needs, ensure maximum security, and assurance that your company will adhere to privacy laws and regulations.

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